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Search Engine Optimization Set to Get Harder

Search Engine Optimization Set to Get Harder
Being innovative is something that most try to be, but with Google it comes naturally. Lately, there have been a number of great new innovations that include the latest Google Maps branded as points-of-interest initiative, currently in beta stage. This seems a great add up but with most website search engine optimization experts, this is not a happy news.

You can see a maximum 3 ads above Google’s unpaid organic search results page. However, there might be a change in this as well. Google is currently experimenting with four now. So, if you have shoot up to page one in the search result, you might end up in the second page. Any industry where product comparison is used, they are going to be affected if this change becomes permanent.

Google are testing this feature with a number of financial keywords and you can see four results if you do the search yourself. They have extended the AdWords section by placing their comparison ad beneath the AdWords ads.

For most this is certainly annoying. Google is monopolizing the top slot into their own advantage. Although this is just an experiment and applies only to some selected keywords but in case it becomes a permanent one, then there is concern. If this rolls on, website search engine optimization will only get harder and few front page slots will be available.