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Features of a Great Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites are like virtual shopping malls. And although all of them have been specifically design to sell products or services, not all of them achieve this.

  • Show users the website structure of the site and where exactly they are on it. Put headlines and breadcrumbs on all the pages.

  • The browsers should be able to sort through the product categories in just the way that they want to. So provide them with the necessary options – from pricing to popularity or user rating and latest.

  • Make sure they see all your products in the right categories, and this should be in one single page, instead of having them go through hundreds of pages.

  • Narrow down all your product categories to specific sub-categories so as to help your users find what they really want.

  • Make sure your product categories carry all the pricing details that the users are interested in. Show the original pricing along with the discounted pricing.

  • Apart from the search box and the results, make sure that search bars are located in the center and the user’s query in the box.

  • Make sure you implement an advances search system to help users select prices, sizes, colors, models, etc.